Slowly Getting Back on Our Feet

Slowly Getting Back on Our Feet

Hopefully everyone are having a great day today :)

We are happy to let You know that our shop is open once again, the payment systems are fixed and we are now allowed to work once again. The shop might be a little bit empty right now, but we will fill it up with most recent parts pretty much soon πŸ™‚

Currently, the shop is working from our European Warehouse and some items might not be available (floor/trunk mats and restored steering wheels), but we are working on importing them to Europe and bringing them back for sale. Also, we will try our best to work with European partners to bring the products (mats and wheels), with same quality as we do with our colleaguesπŸ™‚

Despite the most recent sanctions and problems arised upon us, we try to keep our head up and recover from the shock we had, when absolutely everything fell down up front of our eyes (payment systems disabled, warehouse freeze, shipping problems and more).

We believe that everything will go nicely and we will be back in the game stronger than ever!