We are open!

We are open!

After countless hours of work between December 2021 and January 2022, we are happy to announce that we are opening doors to our website, where You may not only shop for Our Products and Used Parts, but also keep up with recent news! These are the Big News that we were working on to bring :)

We suggest reading the whole post, as we prepared quite a lot of features and You might get interested to use them. Thank You for attention in advance!

What's New?

We could not have released a website without bringing in new ideas to You.

Shopping in General
With the release of website we bring an absolute comfortable way of shopping for Our Products and Used Parts.
Now You don't need to contact us every time You wish to get a part, but just go to the shop and get everything done at any moment You wish (even though we love to have conversations about the parts and Supras in general, don't forget to pass a couple messages our way from time to time :D).
We put a lot of thought into having all needed information in place (high quality photos, price in three currencies, thorough descriptions and compabality suggesting, shipping calculation in cart (not on check out after wasted a lot of time to fill in all the info, as it usually happens in shops!), because we respect Your time.
Price after convertations may be a bit off from our estimates, depending on the payment method You use (we highly suggest ЮКасса, as it uses fairest conversion rates (~6% savings in comparison to PayPal), but we also have PayPal Business Account enabled for Your purchasing satisfaction of parts as Goods and Services). Hopefully You will like it!

?! Parts Trade-In ?!
Yes, You heard it right! At some point of time You would be very happy to just Trade-In some of Your parts laying around in the garage to have nicer things for Your vehicle. We decided to test out this idea and offer such service. Let's see how it goes!

Steering Wheels

With addition of the website, we worked very hard to source Cruise Control Stalks for our US- and EU- Spec Supra friends, who wish to swap their 4-spokes to 3-spokes.
After facelift of JZA80 Supra in mid-production years, Tiptronic Automatic Transmission was added and in order for clients to have a possibility to swap their wheel with such gearbox and such generation, our Facelift Steering Wheels are available in Tiptronic version as well.
Also, now You may purchase a Steering Wheel without Airbag! If You are looking to have a replacement Steering Wheel, but don't need the airbag after purchase - we are more than happy to offer just the restored "bone"!

We put a lot of work into our Floor Mat Sets and Trunk Mats to get a Custom Edging Colour Catalogue, where You may pick a color that You like from more than 16 colours! Do You have red vehicle and want to complement Your interior with black mats and red edging? You're welcome to do so!
We are now offering to purchase just two front mats, if You don't wish to waste money on having two extra rear mats You don't need in the vehicle.

Used Parts
As You may know, finding parts nowadays is a pretty hard process. Luckily for us together, we have built strong connections around the world and sourcing of parts became more accessible! We will do our best to update the Used Parts section with new stuff and hopefully will have a chance to help You out.
We invested into having studio-quality photos with high resolution, so You could inspect every bit of the part to see, if You are satisfied. We have a pretty long journey to go with the quality of photos, but we do our best - this is the most important!

What's in the Future Plans?

For future, we are planning to continue bringing new ideas to the business, of which we have a plenty! Time is key.

Thank You for taking time to read the whole post, happy shopping!

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