JZA80 Supra 97' Limited Edition Emblems

  • Long-discontinued Emblems are back on the market

    The Limited Edition emblems were initially released celebrate 15th Anniversary of Supra and were discontinued back in 2004 by Toyota. Now, the emblems are available as back in the day.

  • Remanifactured with Respect to OEM Product

    During remanifacturing of the emblems, we devoted a lot of time and did our best to reproduce every little detail and dimension of the emblems to achieve OEM feel. All emblems are coated with high-quality epoxy resin except "Limited Edition" emblem on fender, which was not coated from factory, but we made sure that the clear film containing the text is cut as it was from factory.

  • Shaved Metal and Gold Finishes

    We picked the most expensive and highest quality films and coating substances to achieve long-lasting of the emblems to remain in tact after years of use. The emblems are available in "Shaved Metal" and Gold finishes.