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JZA80 Supra Genuine OEM LHD/RHD Front Safety Belt Set + Buckles + Hardware (73220-14481-C0 + 73210-14541-C0)

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73220-14481-C0 - Toyota - BELT ASSY, FRONT SEAT OUTER, LH  
73210-14541-C0 - Toyota - BELT ASSY, FRONT SEAT OUTER, RH

Compatible with all LHD/RHD JZA80 Supra of all specifications.

Great condition Front Safety Belt Set. Rare to come by, especially with all hardware.
Slight wear marks from age.
All mounts in tact, belts in good condition, mechanisms work well. Never opened.
Slight oxidation from age on the belts themselves, which does not impact work.

Location: European Warehouse

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