JZA80 Supra
Restored Facelift Steering Wheels

  • Compatible with all JZA80 Supra specifications

    Our Restored Steering Wheels can be installed Plug-n-Play and are compatible with any specification of JZA80 Supra: US-, EU-, UK-, J-Spec from 1993 to 2002 year.

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  • Restored with Quality Materials and Attention to Details by Professionals

    We source only OEM Steering Wheels for our restoration and work together with professionals to bring highest quality possible. For restoration we use Nappa Leather and JDM-style stitching patter to replicate OEM quality.

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  • Complete Steering Wheel

    Our Steering Wheels come complete with Airbag, Detonator and Horn Plug part to ensure that You will not need to get anything extra.

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  • Custom Options

    Also, we offer custom options, as center o-ring from colored leather, custom colour stitching and more. Carbon Wheels will come later, as we are making sure that we get enough wheels in stock and quality is on point.

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