JZA80 Supra
Gold Emblems

  • Created with OEM Dimensions on Professional Hardware

    For the creation of our emblems, we acquired OEM emblems and replicated the dimensions, so the emblems would be the exact size with original. Being created on professional hardware, we ensure that all the emblems have exact same dimensions and quality is on point.

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  • Properly Tested

    Created from high-quality film and covered with resin on top, the emblems were thoroughly tested in real conditions and showed positive results of use. From the output that we received from our community, the emblems turned out to be a great replacement to the OEM Gold Emblems that are long discontinued.

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  • JZA80/MKIV/MK4 Toyota Supra Emblems

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    JZA80/MKIV/MK4 Toyota Supra Emblems