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*RARE* JZA80 Supra Series 1 EU/UK-Spec RHD Full Dash Trim Set + Real Carbon Skinning Under Clear Coat

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Good condition Series 1 EU/UK-Spec RHD Full Dash Trim Set + Real Carbon Overlay.

Pretty much the best trims that went on RHD Supra's and most fully optioned ones that have ever been. Exceptional upgrade for Your Supra, which might need a bit of work to be excellent.

Check video presentation here on YouTube:

Good sides about the set:

  • Full set (5 pieces)
  • Comes with extra's like excellent condition vents, full spec buttons on keyhole panel, ashtray
  • The skinning that is applied on the trims is real carbon, plays exceptionally on the sunlight. Very high quality work was performed on the trims. Check the video demonstration above.
  • The odometer panel has no broken holes, as it is usually the opposite with Series 1 panels.
  • The radio surround was not cut around radio hole, as it is usually with most panels Supra came from use.


  • The panels would love some sand and polish on the clear coat, as they have a few imperfections from cosmetical stand point
  • Sadly at some point of the time the clear coat got cracked on keyhole panel and radio panel lower corners, but is not really noticeable, when installed
  • Keyhole and auto shifter panels have broken tabs. Keyhole panel will fit nicely, but the auto panel will need a bit of work to be good again.

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